Too cute to eat!

cookies_evgeniagolubevakoala_evgeniagolubeva panda_evgeniagolubevabluebear_evgeniagolubeva

Instagram is my favourite place to meet new people. A year ago I met there lovely Anastasia from Saint-Petersburg. She makes wonderful cookies and cupcakes – check out her Instagram profile. We collaborated a couple of times on creating cookies. First I just asked her to use my illustrations of cats for a series of cookies for my mum’s birthday. My mum promised to eat them, but she still keeps some in her cupboard. Too cute to eat! A month ago I was visiting my hometown and designed a couple of cookies for Anastasia to make – panda cookie, koala cookie, blue bear cookie and  white cat cookie. I gave them to my dear friends and relatives. I’ve eaten one myself (they are absolutely delicious!) and  I have one blue bear cookie on my desk.


Photographs by Anastasia Steshenko